AECC Career School

AECC Career School

Licensed by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education

300 S. Spring Street, Suite 300 | Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 |
501-615-8922 (Office) | 501-615-8887 (Fax)

The AECC Career School supports the mission, philosophy, and vision of the parent company, the AECC Career School.


The AECC Career School’s mission is to provide opportunities to strengthen individuals, families, and communities, and to prepare individuals for opportunities in higher education, vocational, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, and employment.


The AECC Career School’s philosophy is committed to providing career opportunities through education and training, which allow individuals to create or enhance career opportunities. The AECC Career School is committed to providing superior customer service and ensuring all customers equal access.


The AECC Career School’s vision is to assist individuals, including those who are eighteen and up, not in school and who can’t find employment, those in vocational rehabilitation, and those on temporary assistance for needy families (TANF/TEA), SSDI/SSI, and Food Stamp recipients.