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Customer Service Skills Training Program

Total: 30 hours; Four days: M – Th
Individual classes are available.
Classes meet 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Training includes courses in the following: Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Telephone Skills, and Customer Service Skills.

Communication Skills

This course is designed to instruct students about how to communicate effectively with others to achieve the results desired. Course content includes the following: communication styles, questioning techniques, communication barriers, communication models, and attributes of effective communication.

Listening Skills

This course is designed to help students develop good listening patterns. Content includes the importance of good listening skills, active listening techniques, the nature of miscommunication, communication failures, and the listening spectrum.

Telephone Skills

This is a step-by-step training course on how to provide telephone service in a professional manner. Topics in this course include getting the correct information, effective telephone conversations, making and receiving a call, summarizing a call, different callers, and the components of conversing on the telephone.

Customer Service Skills

The Customer Service Skills Training Program is a step-by-step course on how to provide excellent customer service. This course covers customer services principles of emotional intelligence, the importance of customer services, types of customers, and handling angry customers.

The O’NET Interest Profiler assessment will be given prior to training. Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate.


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