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Admissions Requirements  

    AECC Career School Admission’s Application

    Driver’s License or State Identification

    O’NET Interest Profiler Assessment

Falsifying the Admission Application

The AECC Career School expects applicants for admission to be honest and professional in all of their dealings with the school. AECC Career School will take action against applicants who deliberately lie or misrepresent their background in their application materials.

If the false, misrepresented, or misleading information is discovered during or after the admission process, please be advised of the following time frames and actions that will ensue.

    Before the application process is completed, the application will not be processed and no admission offer will be forthcoming.

    After admission and prior to enrollment, the admission offer will be rescinded.

    After admission and enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn from all classes. 

    After a certificate has been earned, that certificate will be revoked.

Evidence suggesting that an applicant has lied, misrepresented, or acted to mislead reviewers with respect to any component of the applicant’s background will be brought to the Vice President of Academic Programs or designee. The Vice President of Academic Programs or designee will evaluate the relevant evidence and consult with any parties involved with the application prior to making a decision regarding the disposition of the application. If the applicant or student wishes to appeal the decision, an appeal can be made in writing to the President/Executive Director. No punitive action against the applicant or student will occur until the issue is resolved.

Equal Access for Students with Disabilities

In compliance with federal regulations, it is the policy of the AECC Career School to respond in a manner that does not result in discrimination to a student’s request for course accommodation, substitution, and other adjustments because of a documented disability. The AECC Career School will collaborate in conjunction with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services to review each case and to work through the interactive process with the student to determine accommodations. 


The AECC Career School adheres to a policy that enables all individuals, regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or disability, to work and study in an environment that doesn't tolerate discriminatory behavior or acts. Harassment of an individual or group will not be condoned, and any person (student, faculty, volunteer or staff member) who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Harassment that is considered discriminatory includes actions or conduct (verbal, graphic, gestural, or written) directed against any person or group with the intent to demean or create a hostile or threatening environment. It is not the intent of this policy to infringe upon or limit educational, scholarly, or artistic expression. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against should contact the Office Academic Programs or designee to obtain assistance and information concerning the filing of a complaint.

At the same time the AECC Career School prohibits discriminatory practices, it promotes equal opportunity through affirmative action. Non-discriminatory affirmative action equal opportunity policies apply to recruitment, hiring, job classification and placement, work conditions, promotional opportunities, demotions/transfers, terminations, training, compensation, choice of contractors and suppliers of goods and services, educational opportunities, disciplinary action, and use of facilities.

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